About Us


Belmadar is a Sydney-based, privately-owned construction company delivering excellence in commercial building construction.

Belmadar prides itself on providing solution-based building expertise to ensure even the most complex projects are completed efficiently and with ease. Thanks to an executive team with over 125 years’ combined construction experience, supported by a committed and passionate staff team, over the years Belmadar has delivered many successful projects across a wide range of sectors, including a number of Master Builders’ Association (MBA) award-winning builds.


The Belmadar Promise

The values and principles guiding how we work are called the ‘Belmadar Promise’. These govern who we hire, how we act and how we deliver, and are lived out in every project from inception to completion.



We are proactive and forward-thinking.


We love a challenge and live by our mantra ‘Complex Made Easy'.


We see something. We do something.


We are stronger together as we strive to impact the world around us positively.


Over 60 Years
of Legacy

Our story began in 1964 when three ‘New Australians’, one of which was Alf’s father, Domenico, joined an ‘Old Australian’ to build a better Australia. With family at the center and a fierce determination to succeed, Belmadar made a significant contribution to the public sector infrastructure works in NSW and QLD, including building world-class facilities for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. When Belmadar ceased its operations in 2005 under the founding owners, a legacy was created; one that informs our values and excellence today.


With extensive industry accreditation coupled with a deep commitment to HSEQ and strong financials, with Belmadar your project is in safe hands.


At Belmadar, quality is an attitude as well as an outcome. Belmadar is solidly committed to it. Our purpose is to deliver quality infrastructure that our clients love.

Solid Financial

Through the ups and downs of the building cycle, Belmadar has achieved steady and sustainable growth. As a result, Belmadar is well placed to take on a mix of short, medium, and longer-term projects in the $1 million to $70+ million value range. With a strong balance sheet, no debt, and significant cash reserves, Belmadar offers its clients and their advisor's financial assurance in project delivery. Belmadar follows standards of probity, governance and statutory compliance and has management accounting controls in place that would envy many larger companies. In addition, comprehensive, accurate and up to date cost and liquidity controls ensure that Belmadar's balance sheet supports the company's continued growth and commitments. Belmadar maintains all relevant insurances.

Committed to

Belmadar is committed to delivering high-quality builds. When it comes to producing quality outcomes, we make everyday count. Our recognised quality system sets out a straightforward process of stakeholder collaboration, supported by tools, to help our project teams define, manage, and deliver the highest quality. Our daily commitment is to ‘do the right thing’ by following this system to make it easier to hand over defect-free and provide our clients with a positive experience.


Executive Team

With all of Belmadar’s owners actively involved in the successful delivery of each project, clients can rest assured they are dealing with an executive team with a strong vested interest in their project’s success.

Alf Marrocco
Managing Director

As the Managing Director, Alf drives a strong culture of value engineering, innovation, risk management and project management excellence across all aspects of the business.

Matthew Stafford
Pre-Construction Director

Matt leads Belmadar’s pre-estimating team, overseeing all cost planning, value engineering, feasibility studies, procurement, business development and stakeholder engagement.

Nick Gagliano
Construction Director

With more than 30 years of on-site construction experience in commercial construction, coupled with a strong accounting background, Nick oversees all project delivery, including mentoring and design management.

Brett Drew
Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality Director

Brett is responsible for successfully implementing all processes covered in Belmadar’s Integrated Management System. Ensuring all project’s WHS, design, time, quality, and completion outcomes are met.

Maryanne Gagliano
Financial Controller

With more than 30 years of experience, Maryanne oversees all accounting activities. In addition, she prepares all accounting data needed across the business to make strategic decisions on forecasting and budgeting.

Michelle Uhlhorn
Business Development Manager

With over 12 years of experience in client-facing roles and strong communication background, Michelle oversees all Business Development and Marketing aspects of the business while constantly seeking out new business opportunities.

Linda Yazbek
Systems Manager

At the commencement of a project, Linda will extract all the Hold Points, Witness Points and Sample requirements nominated in the Specifications. Linda prides herself in developing practical processes and systems that add value to the project rather than reduce the project team's time.

Stuart Tan
Design Manager

Stuart provides confidence to our clients by identifying and communicating all value engineering opportunities and unforeseen issues on a project.