Belmadar’s Indigenous Participation Policy

Belmadar’s Indigenous Participation Policy | 20 Jan 2021 |

At Belmadar, we recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Peoples of this nation.

We are committed to growing and deepening our work to 'close the gap' between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians. By supporting Indigenous Australians' economic and social development. 

Ultimately, by achieving these targets, we will help support the communities with whom Belmadar lives, works, and serves. Subsequently, Belmadar has developed an Indigenous Participation Plan following the NSW Government Policy on Aboriginal Participation in Construction.

Belmadar focuses its efforts on the following areas:

  1. Supporting self-determination of Indigenous Australians.

  2. Recognition of Indigenous Australians to promote reconciliation.

  3. Promoting, respecting, and remedying Indigenous Peoples rights.

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