Harry Triguboff at Emanuel Synagogue

Harry Triguboff at Emanuel Synagogue Blog | 9 Mar 2017 |

Belmadar was honoured to welcome Harry Triguboff to the Emanuel Synagogue site on 9 March. Harry Triguboff is not only an Australian billionaire residential property developer, founder and managing director of Meriton but also a legacy member and generous supporter of the Emanuel Synagogue. Alf Marrocco and Stuart Tan of Belmadar, in the company of Emmanuel Synagogue CEO Suzanna Helia, Board Member Louise Thurgood-Phillips, Project Superintendent Geoff Finch and Rabbi Jeffrey B. Kamins & Dr Orna Triguboff, welcomed Harry Triguboff on a site walk to review the progress of works being undertaken to construct the new mid-sized sanctuary and pre-school for the community. Further project details of the South Wing development can be found here

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