We're officially Federal Safety Commissioner Accredited!

FSC Logo, FSC Group | 27 Apr 2021 |

The Belmadar team is excited to announce that as of March 2021, we are now officially accredited by the Federal Safety Commissioner of Australia (FSC). 


For Belmadar, this means that our safety systems and procedures effectively and accurately reflect our commitment to best practices around health and safety. Having FSC accreditation puts our safety practices amongst the top building and construction industry businesses in Australia. We're proud of our focus on safety, and our team is passionate about utilising our systems effectively on our projects.  


This accreditation reaffirms our proactive attitude towards health and safety. Belmadar is in a better position than ever to work directly on government-funded projects. This FSC accreditation demonstrates that we're serious about carrying out work to the highest standard possible, especially for our workers' safety and well-being. 


Finally, we'd like to take the chance to celebrate and thank our incredible Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality department for their hard work, diligence and dedication – gaining this FSC accreditation. We are confident that Belmadar will continue to be positioned as a leader in the industry for health and safety measures and high-quality work.

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